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I’m Esther Blum—
Integrative Dietitian
& Lifestyle Coach

I’m here to help you become an Intuitarian so you can connect with your body’s wants and needs, restore your inherent knowledge and wisdom, and heal yourself on a level deeper than you’ve ever known. If this sounds a little woo woo to you, fear not. I’m a tactical ninja when it comes to closing the gap between what you want and teaching you exactly how to get it. You will be held accountable throughout your journey and will receive guidance through all the stages of your transition and transformation. 


I'm here to help you achieve your wildest dreams for yourself. If you want to lose weight, heal from chronic illness, put the joy back in eating, or flush out your business ideas (or all of the above)--I'm your go-to girl.











Online Programs

My online programs will help you create powerful mindset shifts in your life so you can lose weight, take ownership of your behaviors, and become mistress of your metabolic domain--all from your comfort of your own couch.