Oh hey there Gorgeous!

If you’re here, chances are you’re looking for a solution to a health problem or trying to lose weight.

Most often people come to me with autoimmune disorders, digestive woes, Lyme’s, Epstein-Barr, food allergies, cholesterol management, weight loss struggles, eating disorders, disordered eating, insulin resistance, cravings, PMS, thyroid and adrenal fatigue, and pretty much anything else you can think of.  

They’ve been to many different doctors, Googled their diagnosis, read books and online articles, and talked to friends and family to figure themselves out—but were still left feeling off. Craptastic, even.

I see you and get exactly where you’re coming from. I have fought my way through mercury toxicity, Epstein-Barr Virus, and hypothyroid issues. I’ve watched the scale and my dress size go up and down. I’ve doctor-hopped and felt frustrated more times than I can count. But I’m also extremely resourceful and resilient and have married my skills as a medical detective to my intuitive healing side. And because I have a rockin’ toolkit, I can help you finally get back to feeling like YOU.

How I can help you:
I work with clients within a package of eight sessions @45 minutes each to provide continuity and keep you focused on your goals. Together we will uncover the root cause of your illness and symptoms so you can heal your body with targeted precision. You will rebuild faith and trust in yourself and the outcome. 

Our sessions include:
•    A comprehensive look at your blood tests, food allergy tests, and medical history
•    An understanding of who you are as a whole person and a roadmap built around your unique needs
•    Customized eating plans and supplement regimes based on your unique biochemistry, medical history, food preferences, and health goals
•    A pantry makeover, shopping list, delicious recipes and resources
•    A partner to give you support & keep you focused, accountable, and self-aware so you can get results for yourself
•    Developing a crystal clear vision of your biggest goals and desires – the ones that scare you to even think about – and then having the support to achieve exactly what you want
•    Feeling better than you’ve ever felt in your whole life.  

How will we meet?
We can either meet in person, over the phone or via Skype.  I’ve actually never met most of my clients in person and the job still gets done!

So what’s next?
If you’re interested in working together, you can shoot me an email and we can set up a complimentary clarity call to see if or how I can help you. 

What happens after I finish the 8 sessions?
Many of my clients either purchase another package of sessions, or go all out with annual coaching packages (scroll down for a full description). 

Other Possibilities For You…

Not ready to delve in to a bigger commitment? No problem--we can get to know each other first within a 4-pack of sessions. Should you choose to move forth after that, you can simply purchase another package so we can keep the momentum going.

This is a great way to set kids up for a lifetime of health and balance.  Your child will receive 6 sessions @30 minutes each of 1:1 nutrition education customized to his or her preferences and health goals. He/she will learn the tools to take charge of their health, lose weight and make better choices at mealtimes and social gatherings.  Meal planning, recipe ideas, workouts, grocery tours, and cooking together are all a part of this amazing package.

You and I sit down together 1:1 from 9am-12:30pm and strategically map out how you want to and will accomplish your specific goals.  This is for those of you who have a straightforward idea of where you want to grow in your life (health, business, mindset) but need support, framework, and roadmap to get it done. Includes two 30-minute follow-up calls.

This is a concierge-level, high impact, experiential level of coaching I am offering to clients who want to raise their vibrational frequency, tap into their intuitive magic, and become tactical badasses.

Together we will get you un-stuck, bust through your mental, physical, and emotional blocks, and enable you to achieve your highest version of yourself.  This is all about leveling up your life and manifesting a more powerful version of yourself than you ever imagined.  You will learn how to unlock your deepest desires through the power of saying yes to yourself. 

This is a couture experience that includes:        

Initial session @60 minutes + 20 sessions per year @30 minutes each          
•    Custom-tailored eating & supplement plans            
•    Juicing how-tos
•    Recipes
•    Supermarket tours
•    Weekly goals and assignments
•    Accountability            
•    Goal setting – every 30 days             
•    Unlimited email access Monday – Friday            
•    Steep discounts to my retreats; private clients will Mastermind together                    
•    Strategic guidance, support and accountability to projects in your life: building the framework for your business, birthing your book, purging clutter from your home, reinventing your wardrobe, creating your life plan for your future self, and bridging the gap between your current reality and your best version of you!        

Your investment will deliver you surprise bonuses throughout the year that will be customized to you as I learn who you are as a person.

Some bonuses my clients have enjoyed are…
•    Free access to my KISS 30-day Online Program   
•    Signed copies of my books: Eat, Drink, and Be Gorgeous, The Eat, Drink, and Be Gorgeous Project, Secrets of Gorgeous, and Cavewomen Don’t Get Fat
•    Weekly meditations    
•    A juicer            
•    Meeting with a stylist to revamp your wardrobe                       
•    Meeting with super connector and spiritual strategist to clear out any energetic blocks        
•    Food delivery of pre-assembled meals
•    Personal training session
•    Massage    

I look forward to serving you in a deeply powerful and loving space!

Live Gorgeously,