Birth Your Book

Do you have an idea for a nonfiction book inside of you but can’t seem to get those ideas on paper?

Do you struggle to find the time to physically commit to writing your book?

Are you so afraid of what others will think of your work that you’ve become
totally blocked and unable to move forth with your creative vision?


If you find your labor of love has gone beyond nine months, it’s time to enroll in the Birth Your Book experience—the solution to ending your struggle.

You'll finally create your dream book with a solid tactical approach, have accountability in getting it done, and have support and guidance throughout the process so you can end your frustration and stop feeling like your dreams are on hold.

No more procrastinating or excuses for not getting your body of work out to the world—it’s time to do this.

This program is for people who have an idea that they want to get on paper but need some structure and liability in getting it done. Whether you’re an experienced procrastinator or just can’t seem to set aside to finish your book, you will come away from this experience with:

  • A book outline
  • A structural framework for your manuscript
  • A timeline with weekly assignments to give you accountability
This is where the magic happens —you can finally share your wisdom, get your unique message out to the world, and impact lives around the globe because you are finally writing your book!

Wait, but aren’t you a nutritionist?

I sure am. I’ve also authored four bestselling books and have the unique ability to be the conduit for your nonfiction book. My gift lies in having the ability to get your voice on paper and pull out of you all that wants to be expressed. You may have been living with your book ideas for years at this point, so having someone come at it with new eyes and a fresh approach is always beneficial.

As I listen to your story and help you whiteboard the material, I will also help you organize the content, set deadlines for writing, and see your project through to completion. Together we will tease out your concepts, give them structure and shape, and get you crystal clear on your manuscript.


The Birth Your Book program will help you actually produce a book that you can put out to the world and either self-publish or submit it to an agent. It is about getting your special gifts on paper (or a digital version) so you can share your magic and knowledge that will help transform lives. Having a book under your belt provides you with some serious street cred and will save you time in having to educate your audience. Instead of having to repeat your knowledge and answer the same questions over and over, you can direct people to your book to cover the bases of your expertise.

Having a published book out in the world also opens up opportunities for media exposure such as television appearances, podcasts, book tours, blog tours, satellite radio tours, and building up your social media following.

Your book is a powerful tool to drive online programs and products, live seminars, and paid speaking opportunities. It is the perfect launching platform for your next business or professional venture—the sky’s the limit!


Session One: A two-hour whiteboard session
You and I will sit (either in person or via Skype) and flush out the chapter outline of your book on a whiteboard. You will be able to use this as the springboard to structure the manuscript for your book.

Session Two: 4 weeks content review via email support
Over the course of 4 weeks following our whiteboard session, we will connect on Mondays and Fridays via email. I will spend up to 30 minutes answering your queries, reviewing your content, and sending you manuscript markups to make sure your content is editor-ready.

If your content is fully baked before the four weeks are up, we will discuss social media concepts and campaigns, online programs, and anything else your creative mind is manifesting for your gorgeous piece of work.

Should your scope of work expand beyond four weeks we can continue coaching and working together. I will stick by your side until you are ready to launch your masterpiece.

The cost for this program is $1,500.