Birth Your Business

Do you DREAD going to work every day because you’re unhappy in your job?

Do you DREAM about working for yourself but are afraid of leaving a steady paycheck?

Do you WANT help building the business plan for your dream job from the ground up?

IF YOU'RE READY TO TAKE THE LEAP into the entrepreneurial world because the
thought of not doing it is killing you softly, it's time for you to enroll in my Birth Your Business coaching

“Thank you Esther for helping me with the “About Me” page for my website. It was in need of serious TLC. You cleaned up the copy editor’s work beautifully so I can now attract my tribe. This was a hard nut to crack and you did it. You have a beautiful way about you and helped me get all of my content out of purgatory and into the world. I love you and thank you! You rock as a coach.” -Brooke S.

Birth Your Business coaching is a step-by-step program to turn your creative project into an actual product you can sell for money. The process enables you to tap into your innate wisdom, draw out what’s already inside of you, and give that voice a megaphone so you can blast your magic out for the entire world to see.

Each and every one of us has the responsibility to be true to ourselves and answer the call of our dreams. Only when we honor our deepest aspirations can we authentically lead with power, shine brightly, and elevate our physical, mental, spiritual and emotional vibrations in the world.

Birth Your Business provides you with tangible tools so you can boldly move forth as a confident and effective creator and leader:

  • A mission statement for your business

  • Concrete concepts, strategies, and tactics that will serve as your roadmap for taking actionable steps

  • An understanding of the projects you’ll need to create to build revenue streams
  • Sales goals to meet your projected income
  • A timeline to execute said projects and meet your goals

  • Accountability in completing your business ventures

It's time you unleashed the ideas you are most passionate about.

The ones you lie awake thinking about at 3am. The ones you know will be a game-changer not only for you, but also for thousands of other people.

Imagine the ripple effect you can create with your friends, family, and colleagues—and it all starts with YOU.

Birth Your Business coaching offers both immediate and long-term support:

  1. A four-hour session (either in person or via Skype) to flush out your mission statement, concepts, strategies and tactics via whiteboard
  2. Four follow-up coaching sessions (60 minutes each) to implement and execute your actionable plans
  3. An annual support plan to continue the work we do together, create long-term accountability, and support as you build your business. Your business is a growing, breathing, and living entity and will need plenty of nourishment, love, and strategic direction throughout the process

If you’re ready to take the leap you’ve been manifesting your entire life, enroll here now. The cost for this program is $2,500.