A Call to Redefine Gorgeous

Living as a woman in today’s world means to constantly be judged against a series of ideals of how we are expected to look and act. We are measured against these ideals as a way for others to easily classify us into groups. We are surrounded by images of what gorgeous women are supposed to look like. Just glance through the magazine section of your local corner store. Look at the covers and what do you see?

A bunch of rail-thin models.

Or should I say…airbrushed rail-thin models.

These same skinny models are paraded in front of us in television commercials, online advertisements, and billboards.

Is this how you need to look if you want people to think you are beautiful?

Hell to the no!

Personally, I’d take strong over skinny any day.

So here’s a better question for you, “Do you need to look like a Victoria’s Secret model to feel beautiful?”

I can’t answer that question for you because only you can determine what will make you feel beautiful.

And that’s why I’m presenting you with a challenge today:

Begin defining your own gorgeousness.

The outside world will always try to define what will make you gorgeous until you decide to create your own definition.

We all have a natural light and beauty within us, but your true beauty starts in your mind. And when you are able to project that inner-gorgeous to the outer-world, you will feel an amazing shift in your life.

You will feel yourself living authentically, and this will give you confidence and a sense of personal pride.

You will begin taking ownership of your body—and loving and honoring it.

You will see that the road to self-improvement is really about becoming the best version of yourself, rather than trying to catch up to someone else’s ideal.

You are an individual. You have your own unique gorgeous flavor that this world needs to taste.

And so I challenge you to define that flavor. Define who you are, how you want to live, and how you embrace your body—every beautiful inch of it.

That’s your gorgeous.

Then spend some time each day working to let go of perfection and embracing your perfectly imperfect self. And as you project your expanding confidence and soul-shaking vibrations to the world around you, the world will hear you roar.

I can’t wait to hear more about what lies in store for you…keep me posted on all of it.