Gorgeous Girls Eat Meat: 10 Tips for the Cavewoman in You

  1. Eat whole foods that your ancestors would have eaten. When you eat foods that are lean and clean, there’s little need to scrutinize labels or decipher ingredients. You know that no gluten slipped into your organic broccoli, and that your wild-caught salmon isn’t injected with unpronounceable preservatives. By eating like a cavewoman, you’ll enjoy foods that are protein-rich, hormone balancing, detoxifying, and satisfying. You’ll never be hungry.
  2. Every bite of food you eat either puts you in a fat-burning state or a fat-storing state. Feeding your body the right foods at the right times will help stoke your metabolic fire. It’s an incredibly complex yet simple way to eat. The best ways to burn and maintain fat loss are through clean eating and balancing blood sugar. When your hormones are in balance, the body naturally regulates fat burning, appetite control, and mood swings so your cravings disappear while your motivation soars.
  3. Gorgeous Girls Eat Meat. Eating pastured meats will positively change your entire body chemistry more than any other macronutrient. Protein is satisfying, makes you feel full, and curbs sugar cravings. Protein improves your mood and balances your blood sugar and estrogen-to-progesterone ratio. Protein changes your metabolism and strengthens your organs and lean muscle. Protein controls your cortisol (a hormone that affects fat burning) levels and even detoxifies your system. Bring home the bacon—or chicken breasts or steaks!
  4. Saturated Fats are Good For You. Saturated fats are solid at room temperature and can be found in the marbled cuts of meat, butter, and coconut oil. And contrary to popular belief based on unfounded scientific claims, there is no substantial evidence that proves that saturated fat will lead to an increased risk of heart disease—especially if you are eating fat from grass-fed animals. In fact, they are critical to our vitality—and for making foods taste delicious!
  5. Eating Paleo Builds Strong Bones. If you’re eating fresh produce and meats and a largely unprocessed diet, as well as traditional foods like organ meats, bone marrow, and broths made with bones, you’ll naturally give your bones the support they need. A whole foods diet naturally contains calcium and collagen, as well as vitamin D and trace minerals, to keep the bone matrix strong from the inside out. When done properly, following the Paleo Chic plan provides more vitamins and minerals than any other mainstream diet plan, leaving your body better nourished and with the resources to rebuild itself.
  6. Clean Eating Builds Your Immune System. Women who adopt Paleo Chic eliminate foods that cause intolerances and inflammation and have other negative effects on our bodies. Such foods include those with gluten (barley, rye, oats, wheat, spelt, and kamut), dairy products (casein), and lectins (mainly found beans, legumes, and soy products). Paleo Chic also means you’re loading up your plate with vegetables, clean proteins, and quality fats.
  7. True Paleo Eating Decreases Your Toxic Load. Eating whole, unprocessed foods reduces your exposure to chemicals, preservatives, hormones, dyes, antibiotics, and endocrine disruptors. Your DNA will be able to recognize and break down the nutrients and foods you’ll be putting into your body, instead of trying to synthesize and detoxify Frankenfoods and GMOs.
  8. Eating Paleo Chic Improves Your Hormonal Profile. On the Paleo Chic plan, you’ll eat plenty of protein, fats, fruits, and vegetables from actual food sources. This means you’ll balance your stress hormones, support adrenal and thyroid function, and improve your estrogen to progesterone ratio.
  9. Living Gorgeously = Stress Management. Stress management is so instrumental to our health, that it is THE answer to our health. Ultimately, it is our ability to handle stress that allows us to have high quality lives. Hormones are signaling messengers that tell the body how to respond to what’s going on in the outside world. And if left unchecked, chronic stress will disrupt those hormones. While food and exercise trigger hormones to act in specific ways, stress can also push those hormones’ buttons.
  10. Sleep your way slim. We know that getting enough sleep builds muscles, facilitates fat burning, and reduces cravings and hunger and gives us better appetite control. Sleep has an even greater impact as a metabolic modulator than food or exercise, and therefore governs your hormones and your body’s ability to lean out. A lack of sleep burns muscle, packs on body fat, and makes us insulin resistant with the false-negative blood work of someone who is obese or diabetic.