Gorgeous Supplements: Childhood Nutrition Part III

Supplements for our children are no longer a luxury or superfluous; they are a necessity. Consider this: poor farming practices, genetically modified foods, exposure to toxins and hormonal disruptors, and constant exposure to EMFs from wireless internet access does a number on adults--and our children have even less ability to detoxify the relative amounts of invaders they are exposed to. So let's fight the good fight and give our kids the tools they need to keep their bodies balanced, nourished, and optimally healthy! Multivitamin A multivitamin builds the foundation for a house of good nutrition. Chewables and powders work well and taste good enough so kids don't mind taking them. If your kids don't like the taste of the tablets, crush them up and put them in some juice- they'll never even notice!


You can also take a tablespoon of Primal Greens and mix it with 1 teaspoon of organic cocoa powder and 1 cup of almond milk-- it tastes delicious and is a fabulous source of nutrients (Parents-- make two servings and drink it with your kids!):


Omega-3s I have to say we've come a long way with omega-3s; even mainstream pediatricians are on board with parents who give their kids omega-3s. In light of the rampant ADD and obesity, you'd be a fool not to give your child omega-3s every day. Nordic Naturals makes delicious DHA softgels that are strawberry-flavored:


For children 1-4 years, give 2-4 softgels per day of DHA Junior. For children 4-7 years, give 4-6 softgels per day. For children 7-12 years, give 2 teaspoons of liquid omega-3s per day.

Vitamin D3 Most parents in the USA apply sunscreen to their children to prevent sunburn. But as a result, most children are deficient in vitamin D-- especially in the winter months when sun exposure is limited (vitamin D deficiency is virtually nonexistent in tropical climates). So crucial is vitamin D to the body that every cell in the human body has a receptor for vitamin D! Since it can be hard to get your childi to get a blood test to measure vitamin D levels, play it safe by giving your child a small amount of D3 every day.

For babies and toddlers 0-2 years of age, give 1000IU per day. 2-6 years 2000IU per day. 7-12 years 4000IU per day. And try to leave some skin exposed to the sun 20-30 minutes per day (if your child won't burn while doing this).


Lastly, if you want to give your kids a great night's sleep, put Epsom salts and lavender oil in the bath, and evenly divide one pump of topical magnesium behind both knees. It will knock them out and keep them out so you can also enjoy a great night's sleep!


Families that take supplements together stay together. Take your supplements with your child so they understand the importance of nutrients in their daily regime. Your children are your greatest asset--protect your investment!