Only Five

We all have our limits with what we will and won’t do on a daily basis, which is why I make it my policy to never ask patients to do what I would not do myself. That being said, when it comes to taking supplements, most people have their limits, too. Over the years, I’ve found that a protocol with five supplements listed will not only help people meet their needs, but also keep them committed over the long haul. The following supplements should be taken with food on a daily basis. Purchase a vitamin case so you’ll stick with the plan; supplements always work better in your body than in the bottle!

1. Vitamin D3 Vitamin D reigns queen when it comes to optimizing our bodies. Vitamin D3 is found abundantly in wild Alaskan salmon (687 IU per 6-ounce serving) and can also be derived from sitting in the sun without sunscreen for 15-30 minutes three times per week. In my 17 years of practice I have yet to see a patient with a healthy amount of vitamin D measured in their blood. You should aim for a blood level of 80-100 ng/dL to protect yourself against cancer, bone loss, depression, PMS, heart disease, and autoimmune conditions.

To test your levels of vitamin D, get a 25(OH)D test, also called 25-hydroxyvitamin D. Work with a health care practitioner to give yourself the correct dosage; I have dosed people at 1,000IU per day to 10,000IU per day short-term for severe deficiencies.

2. Omega-3s Omega-3s are a panacea for systemic inflammation. This can be expressed in the body as acne, rosacea, colitis, chron’s disease, weight gain, injuries, heart disease, headaches, menstrual cramps, and any other type of –it is you can think of. Most folks are steering clear of fish due to the high level of contaminants present, and most of our kids don’t eat fish often enough. How can you ensure a clean source of omega-3s without taking in too many contaminants? Purchase wild Alaskan salmon and salmon oil. Alaska’s waters are subject to far fewer contaminants because farming fish is illegal in Alaska, so the fish are extremely clean. If you don’t love salmon, take the salmon oil instead. Four capsules per day is a good maintenance dose, six capsules per day will give you gorgeous, glowing skin, and nine capsules per day will help you lose weight and fight depression.

3. Probiotics About 60-70% of our lymph nodes line our intestinal tract, which closely links our immune system to the health of our gut. Environmental toxins and viruses love to hang out inside our intestinal tract and render the healthy colony of good bacteria present useless. Taking probiotics is a powerful weapon against food-borne illnesses, yeast infections, sinus infections, constipation, colds and flu, and autoimmune conditions (especially Chron’s disease and colitis). Take 16-32 billion per day.

4. Magnesium Magnesium is a trace mineral that is responsible for more than three hundred biochemical reactions in the body. It is a muscle relaxer and helps lower blood pressure, keeps the heart rhythm steady, supports a healthy immune system, and plays a critical role in healthy bone density. Magnesium is also an effective remedy for constipation and insomnia, and helps treat sugar cravings and PMS. Interestingly enough, chocolate is a rich source of magnesium. So the next time you’re reaching for the Milk Duds, try taking some magnesium instead! Take 400mg at night for restful sleep and overall wellness. For menstrual cramps or constipation, take 400mg twice per day.

5. Green Foods Do you know anyone who eats adequate amounts of green vegetables on a daily basis? Neither do I! Which is why powdered green foods make such a fabulous addition to your daily regime. “Green foods” are a super food that usually consists of either freshly juiced green vegetables (wheatgrass, spinach, kale, parsley, celery, etc.) or dehydrated green vegetables that can then be reconstituted with water. The chlorophyll in green foods is remarkably close in structure to the iron molecule and is a natural blood builder as a result. Green foods also detoxify the liver, helping the body eliminate waste products naturally and promote weight loss. Green foods also boost energy levels due to their naturally high levels of vitamins, trace minerals, and essential amino acids present. Enjoy 8 ounces of fresh juice or 1 scoop of reconstituted powder per day.