Top Five Things I Learned From Charles Poliquin

Top Five Things I Learned From Charles Poliquin I am extremely blessed to have spent last week at the Poliquin Institute in East Greenwich, RI, where I attended the BioSignature Course taught by Charles Poliquin. What exactly is BioSignature? BioSignature is the individualization of fat loss based on your hormonal profile. We spent the week learning what sites correlated with which hormones, and what nutritional protocols can be used to help balance out the body. I was riveted during the 40 or so hours we spent at the conference!

Charles is a brilliant researcher with a photographic memory who has a gift for organizing hundreds (if not thousands) of research papers into streamlined, results-driven protocols. To spend one week learning with him is literally saving yourself thousands of hours of research. Charles also has a wicked sense of humor (right up my alley), which makes listening to him a damn good time!

Usually after leaving a nutrition conference, I leave with three to five nuggets of new information. With Charles, I left with five days of usable information. I want to share with you some of my favorites:

1. Cosmetics are making us estrogenic. Ditch your beauty products loaded with parabens—they mimic the affect of estrogen and disrupt our delicate hormonal balance. Parabens also inhibit testosterone. (Metrosexuals, this means you too!). I went through my house and tossed 4 bottles of lotion which contained parabens; no wonder my hormones were off-kilter. Beware of paraben-filled sunscreens, too.

2. Yes, you can have carbs at night! To lower your cortisol at night and ensure a good night’s sleep, eat protein throughout the day and add in more carbs with your evening meal. Gluten-free carbs are best when it comes to fat loss; sweet potatoes, brown rice, quinoa, millet, lentils and other legumes, and winter squash. Strenuous exercise during the day can raise cortisol and trigger insomnia; fibrous carbs with dinner can counteract this effect at night and help you sleep your way to a leaner body.

3. If you wear sunglasses during the day, your body will not produce vitamin D3. Ditch the sunglasses at the beach in favor of a baseball cap or a sexy cowgirl hat (my favorite). Why? Because wearing sunglasses shuts down both melanin (the protective skin pigment that rises to the skin’s surface during sun exposure) and D3 production (one of the master nutrients of the body). So by wearing sunglasses you'll not only not receive the benefits of D3, but you also get burnt in the process! I advise my clients to get 30 minutes of sun at least three times per week, without sunscreen (or sunglasses), to absorb vitamin D3. If you burn just looking at the sun, or live in climates with long, cold winters, pop some vitamin D3 supplements instead.

4. Bellybutton rings are a no-no. Bellybutton piercings cause long-term hormonal disruption and can also interfere with conception because they fall on the Conception Vessel acupuncture meridian—something that is verboten in traditional Chinese medicine. Charles found that removing the bellybutton ring can drop a client's body fat by 3.5-5% in just one week!

5. Genes are guns; the environment pulls the trigger. Everything we eat, are exposed to, and put on our bodies can make or break our health. Just because you have the genes for disease does not mean you'll carry out a legacy of illness. Nutrition is EVERYTHING and then some when it comes to overcoming genetic destiny, hormonal balance, sleep, and a lean body!