True Confessions With A Carboholic

Being a nutritionist is pretty much like prostitution. I’m always pimping out foods and supplements to my johns and constantly on a quest for incredible food porn. And like sex, sometimes the visual appeal of the food is better than the true experience. But when it’s good, it’s REALLY good—even if it only lasts two minutes.

Many of my loved ones like to pimp me out for nutritional advice but don’t necessarily like to pay me for it. And because I can’t help myself when it comes to giving advice, I give in. And so that brings us to this week’s blog, where once again I was brought into the thick of a down and dirty discussion on carbs—hook, line, and stinker! Below is an excerpt from one of those conversations. I will refer to my friend in this blog as CS (short for carb slut).

CS: So I’m training for a triathlon and I just feel like my belly is getting bigger each year. I’ve done marathons, I work out all the time now, and I eat healthy. Yet my stomach has more rolls on it than the Pillsbury doughboy. What gives?

EB: I’ve been telling you for years that all those hours of cardio are just going to raise your cortisol levels and help you store your food as fat—especially around your midsection. Now that you’re in your mid-30s, your body’s ability to handle processed carbs is going to decrease with every year you age. And, you’re eating way too many (processed) carbs to ever enable your body to burn fat. What exactly are you snarfing down these days?

CS: Well for breakfast I have whole grain cereal and milk—but it’s healthy cereal! I can’t give up carbs because I need them for my long runs so I make sure I eat plenty the night before a race. I love turkey and cheese sandwiches and for a snack I’ll have a protein smoothie. Dinner is sushi or I’ll cook up some salmon and broccoli with pasta.

EB: How’s that working out for you?

CS: I look like I’m pregnant in photos! I really don’t like what I see. 

EB: It’s time to make some serious changes in your life. If you want to lean out, you’re going to have to eat protein at each meal--especially breakfast. Eating meat with nuts at breakfast is a great way to get your neurotransmitters sky high and boost your energy all day long. Endurance sports really wear out your adrenal glands, so support them with protein.

CS: What?!? I have to eat meat at breakfast? That’s crazy!

EB: You think your body cares what time of day it is?

CS: I guess I have to really change the way I think.

EB: Bingo!! And once your tri is done, you should also think about stopping all this cardio nonsense and pick up some heavy weights. Your body will thank you in kind! By the way, I do accept payment in the form of booze or dark chocolate…