What is NS4F?

NS4F is an online program I created to address the tough challenges many of my friends, clients, and family members are facing at home in their kitchen every day. I spent months interviewing families and finding out their biggest challenges: food battles, sleep issues, sensory issues, picky eaters, ADHD, gut issues, overweight children and body image issues, and immune function came up most often. So I specifically created this program with YOU in mind because I wanted to help everyone out there trying to do better for themselves and their families. So if you have a picky eater at home or just struggle with figuring out how to feed your family healthy food, this program will give you the tools you need to make shift happen in the kitchen and in your lives. All of us as parents are doing the very best we can with what we have, right? So I'm going to help you keep growing, keep learning, and keep doing the very best you can for everyone. You've got this!


Who is this for?
·      This is for anyone who wants to make their family healthier and expand their sense of adventure when it comes to eating. Imagine what your life could look like if eating nutritious foods was the new normal for your family!
·      This is also for people who struggle with picky eaters; if you feed your kids before you go out to eat because they won’t try new foods, you’ll walk away armed with solid tactics to try.
·      Anyone who wants to take their kids to a “nice” restaurant without them complaining through the whole thing
·      Anyone who wants to end food fights once and for all and keep mealtimes relaxing and fun
·      Anyone who needs some inspiration when it comes to adding in healthy foods and doesn’t know where to start

How does the program work?

Every day you will receive mini-podcasts delivered straight to your inbox that you can listen to right from your phone. In fact, you’ll get the most benefit from this program by having the whole family listen to each day’s tools and tips so everyone can feel involved in the process. By hearing the information from a third party, objective person, it will take the drama and triggers out of potentially touchy subjects (I’m happy to take the fall for you when it comes to doling out advice on eating healthy!). The final week will have cooking videos and kitchen tips to help set you up for success and show you how to make simple but effective changes in your kitchen that the whole family will love. If I could do it, so can you!

What can I expect after going through the program?

For best results, I would encourage you to listen to the program materials at least 2-3 times in a row to really let the lessons sink in and translate into action. Upon completion of the program, you can expect to:

·      Approach food and eating with power and confidence
·      Create a culture in your family where meals become quality family time and a place to connect
·      Introduce fun and variety into your family mealtimes
·      Take the stress and drama out of eating
·      Help your family understand the whys of making quality food choices
·      Manage family expectations that healthy foods will be served at home and are the foundation to a happy mood, mental focus, athletic performance, sleep, and immune function

T O P I C S  C O V E R E D :

Week 1: What The Heck Do I Feed My Kids?
-Understanding the super basics of cooking & eating
-Shopping List & Recipes
-Healthy snacks
-Power breakfasts
-Lunch box love
-Delicious and creative snacks
-Drama-free dinner

Week 2: Strategies in the Kitchen
-Meal prep with busy schedules
-Getting young kids involved with cooking
-How to make veggies appealing
-Picky eater rehab
-Managing food allergies
-Cost effective ways to eat healthy
-Celebrating your wins

Week 3: Behavior Boot Camp
-Have kids pick 3 foods they want
-How much should you push your kid to eat?
-Enticing your kids to eat veggies without gagging
-Saying no to junk foods
-Technology-free mealtimes
-10 commandments of drama-free dinners

Week 4: Feeding Your Child’s Brain
-You can’t grow a brain on Twinkies
-Label reading
-Is gluten really bad for us?
-Healthy proteins, carbs and fats
-What nutrients do kids need to thrive?
-Healthy gut, healthy brain
-Probiotics and eliminating allergens

Week 5: Supplements
-Why do we need supplements?
-Vitamin D
-Barley grass juice powder
-Elderberry syrup
-Vitamin C

Week 6: Kitchen Set-Up, Recipes and Cooking
-How to stock your kitchen (gluten-free baking, glass storage containers, slow cooker, Vitamix)
-Batch cooking and meal prep in bulk
-Getting your children involved in cooking
-Fun smoothies
-Lunch box and snack ideas

The cost of this 6-week program is $47 (that's about $1.00 per day) - a no-brainer if you ask me! Click the button below to sign up: