Paleo Chic Jumpstart Kit

Here is your Jumpstart Kit to help you begin your journey to Paleo Chic! The shopping list and videos below will give you the foundation you need to take the first steps toward becoming the best version of yourself. Be sure to subscribe to the Esther Blum's Blog, follow Esther Blum on Facebook, and keep an eye out for more tips in your inbox to keep moving forward!

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Become the Best Version of Yourself

"Comparison is the thief of joy." We are what we believe. Focus on yourself and bringing out the best version of YOU! Love what you have, while you work on making yourself better. What can you do today to bring out more of your gorgeousness?


You've probably heard that stress can make you gain weight, but do you know why? And do you know how to deal with it so that you don't hinder the efforts that are going into cleaning up your diet? Find out here!

Paleo Overview

What makes paleo...paleo? What foods should you be eating, why, and how? Learn the basics in this video.


One foundational component of the Paleo Chic plan is a constant focus on detoxing your system. Esther likes to say that you should always be detoxing, meaning that you should always try to keep your body clean. But what exactly are toxins and what do they do to your body? Get the answers you need.


Ah, hormones. We all have them so we might as well find a way to work with them. This video is about managing your hormones in a way that will be optimal for fat loss.